the tour mentioned below was design people like to explore deep the highlights of ica region. the tour includes nice introduce the most recognize tourist attraction and taking flight over the nazca line from the airport of ica or pisco.

inca path peru elaborate this amazing trip, mysterious and enigmatic tour including archaeological report of the best local museums, the visit one of the complete and recognize winery of the region; the tour also includes the visit to one of the successful chocolate factory in peru and ending the tour with fun adventure on the sand dune of oasis la huacachina.

tour schedule & cost 2013




any day

lima paracas national reserve ballestas islands wineyards of ica archaeologicalmuseums and la huacachina $686 usd per person

enjoy the nature, taste the best pisco through the archaeological and sweet path to the home of the sandboard and dune buggy in peru - 3 day guided tour

2 participants $686 usd each
3-4 participants $538 usd each
5 to more participants $498 usd each

discount: $5 usd of discount for south american explorers club members
discount 3%: tour operators or travel agencies only
students: $5 usd of discount only with valid green isic card

organized groups: we offer private service and any time/day according request

group size: no limit

book here: we highly recommended to book space prior you arrive to peru



around 6:30am pick up from the hotel in lima and transfer to bus station of cruz del sur and then luxury bus transfer from lima to paracas (4 hrs). the good paved road to the south offer great views of the desert and coast line, green and large valley as asia, mala, cañete, chincha and pisco.
reception at the bus stop of paracas and then check in at the hotel and around 1pm begin the private guided tour to visit the national reserve of paracas (beaches, cathedral rock formation, visitor center, flamingos, and marine fossils). this tour takes around 4 hours including nice walk along the beach and then return to your hotel.

recommended hotels in paracas

  • double three by hotel hilton
  • hotel paracas libertador
  • hotel la hacienda bahia paracas
  • hotel posada del emancipador paracas

chocolates helena – museo cabrera – oasis la huacachina
at 7am we will pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the wharf of the beach the chaco - paracas. speedboat excursion to ballestas islands. during navigation the bay is surrounded and the port is appraised san martín, soon the mysterious figure of candelabrum, ballestas islands the deposits of marine wolves, guaneras seabirds have an interview that in their natural habitat constitute, by their capricious and beautiful forms, sea lions, penguins, and beautiful landscapes of the peruvian coast.

after two hours and half will be our return to the wharf and free time.
at 10am private transfer from paracas to ica (45min) and visit one of the most popular vineyards as known as "bodegas vitivinicolas"; where you will see, learn and taste the peruvian drink as known as pisco (grape brandy) and of course you can taste many kind of local wine produced by the farmers using artesian methods, visit the historical center of ica, also one of the most popular factory of chocolates helen. at the beginning the this was familiar business created by elena soler de panizo (founder & owner) in 1975, today they produce more than 45 type of chocolate mixed with different local fruits as lemon, orange, pecan, raisins, coconut, guava, chestnut, cherry, etc. the factory of chocolate offer a store stocked with all its products, the entry to the work area is prohibited but you can see how they work through glass windows.

around 3pm transfer to the one of the best archaeological museums in peru, this is museo regional de ica adolfo bermudez jenkins. it houses mummies, ceramics, textiles, grave artifacts, trophy heads and trepanned skulls from paracas, nazca, ica, huari and inca cultures. the most striking of the museum’s collections is its display of paracas textiles, the majority of them discovered at cerro colorado on the paracas peninsula by julio c. tello in 1972. one of the rooms shows some exquisite nasca pottery, undoubtedly the most colorful and abstractly imaginative designs found on any ancient peruvian ceramics.
continue exploring ica we go to visit other important and very interesting museum as known as museo cabrera. this was founded by dr. javier cabrera darque in 1966 (medic and professor of biology); this museum has an oddball collection more than 15.000 carved stones and boulders graphically depicting diverse pre-columbian themes, from astronomy to surgical techniques and sexual practices.

around 3pm transfer to oasis la huacahina, this is a beautiful oasis located 5km southwest from ica and about 6 minutes drive. this attractive and famous lagoon used for the medicinal properties of its waters. super landscape surrounded by high sandbanks, palm tree groves and age old huarango trees (carob tree).

by the ends of the xix century huacachina was practically uninhabited, until the italian angela perotti rediscovered the medical properties of water and sand of the lagoon, especially for the cure of skin and rheumatism illnesses. an ideal place for relax or for the desert adventures. buggies and sandboarding has become popular on the sand dunes (huacachina) an ideal area to take to the steep sandy slopes of the desert.
the sandboarding and dune buggy tour includes late afternoon with nicer view of the dunes accompanied by the sunset.
at mentioned time transfer to select hotel in ica or la huacachin, of course we recommend to stay at la huacachina and enjoy the sunset more time the sunset over the lagoon and dunes.

recommended hotels in ica & la huacachina

  • princess hotel ica
  • hotel las dunas
  • hotel sol de ica
  • hotel mossone - la huacachina
  • hosteria suiza la huacachina

today the tour begins with pick up between 8am and 10am from your hotel from ica or la huacachina. transfer to the local airport located 20 minutes away from ica (northwest), check in at the waiting lobby; you must need to bring your valid passport to show to the authorities. without passport you can pass the check door and aboard the plane even if you have a photocopy of your passport. the tour includes watching an informative video of the nasca civilization and, different theories and sciences investigation. the projection of the informative video takes around 45min and this will be good introduction to the pass of the nasca culture.

in the aerodrome we will aboard the cessna grand caravan aircraft 208 for 3, 4, 5 or 12 passengers and then you will fly over the natural oasis la huacachina, coastal sand dunes on next of ica valley, the valley of ocucaje, the valley of rio grande, palpa and ingenio, the ceremonial center of cahuachi and finally you will see the enigmatic and mysterious through the aircraft window. all the plane have window upper the wind making more easy to take pictures of the figures and lines.

the flight takes one hour and 20 minutes to see the mysterious and enigmatic figures and lines of the nasca and palpa civilization.
around 2pm will be the transfer to bus stop and public luxury bus transfer to lima (5hrs). when you arrive to lima we will provide the transfer only to the hotel located in downtown. in case you need transfer from bus stop to airport you must need to pay additional $28 usd for an automobile or van, this need to be confirmed at booking time.

change possibilities:
according to the weather conditions (winter season between june to october), the air traffic and customer demand in the day (high tourist season between june - november), we require your full understanding and patience in waiting for your turn to aboard one of the planes and fly lines. these situations are generated by above-mentioned causes of which we are not responsible for the loss of your time and suffer while awaiting  your turn to flight.

there are very remote possibilities of flight cancellation by the excess passengers, if the demand for flights is much you will be transferred to another airport in ica (pisco) and fly lines if is the other air company have available spots.
if flights are suspended by the local airline by bad weather in the area of ica and nazca in order ofcorpac(peruvian corporation of airports and commercial aviation - the government institution). 
the no solution to climate factors are not responsible for non-completion of the tour or refund the money you paid when you purchase this tour under the terms and conditions of inca path peru

if the cause was bad weather in the area of the lines you can make the fly the next day respecting the terms and conditions of the local airline or make another trip to the city and transfer to lima.

  • local english-speaking tour guide
  • luxury bus transfer from lima - paracas - ica - lima (private van transfer is available only under request)
  • entrance to national reserve of paracas and museums
  • overflight nazca lines from the airport of ica (1 hour and 20 minutes)
  • airport tax in ica aerodrome
Not Include
  • hotel in paracas or ica (this can be arranged through peru adventure tours)
  • not mentioned meals
  • not mentioned tours
  • internal flight tickets from lima - ica - lima
  • international flight tickets from to lima
  • international airport tax $28.24 usd
  • travel insurance
  • personal medicines
  • tip for guide and camp staff
  • phone calls, radio calls or messages
  • reconfirmation of flights
What Do You Need To Bring/Carry
  • summer clothes
  • one complete change of clothing
  • hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  • sun block (sun protection cream)
  • insect repellent
  • camera, plenty of film and spare batteries - protect your camera from the sand
  • good sunglasses
  • personal first aid kit
  • extra money to buy some handicraft (peruvian soles)

for more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us.

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